Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Thinking Inside and Outside the Box

Thinking Inside and Outside the Box

"Seldom heard voices feeling that they are being listened to is a powerful means of engagement in itself and this resulting feeling of empowerment will make a positive contribution to people’s mental health concerns. "  ~ Paul Williams

Trinity has been working with Healthwatch Hampshire to develop a series of arts and crafts based workshops to record service user experiences in accessing mental health services. 

The project saw service users being given a keepsake box to tell the story of their involvement with and feelings towards mental health services, through whatever they choose to place inside and around the box.

The final pieces include a range of media including objects, smells, MP3 recordings, and the clients themselves speaking of their experiences.

"The last time I was truly happy".

"Memory lane"

"My depression and how I see it"


"Tell me a bit about your box artwork called 'My depression and how I see it'?"


"I pasted small pieces of tissue paper onto my hexagon shaped box. The yellow colour is happy, but the dark brown of depression creeps in. You can see the brown through the yellow, as if it were a stain, that just won't go away."


"My happy place"

"Memories of Brazil"

Sandra F's song lyrics / poem "Colours of my Mind" -